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Healing the Will

Psalm 23:2 speaks of the restoration of our souls. The famous passage in James (5:14-6) on healing, while covering the need for the restoration of our bodies, also, I believe, refers to the healing of the soul (while it can be argued that physical illness stems, in some way or other, from sin, clearly our souls are affected (injured) when we or someone else sins. Hence the reference to confessing our sins…).

Our soul is made up of our minds (as distinct from our brains), our wills and our emotions. Much has been written about the healing of the emotions (see the work of Dr. Francis MacNutt of Christian Healing Ministries and John and Paula Sandford of Elijah House). Less so of the will.

The Life Model clearly teaches the efficacy of inner healing for the soul (see “A Six Step Process for Resolving Traumas” in Bringing the Life Model to Life­, 6th ed.) I am finding that when one becomes aware of an area of the will where you are “stuck”, seek out and meditate on Scriptures in that area to receive instruction and develop faith (Pro 2:1-7, Rom 10:17). For example, if you have difficulty enjoying work, look at the many verses in Proverbs extolling the moral (yes, I said moral) obligation of being diligent in our labors (See especially 15:19, 18:9,and 27:23-27, where the blessings of wealth for ourselves and others are noted. BTW, ladies, you are included as well: 31:13-19). Also, note the many passages in Ecclesiastes that extol enjoying our labor (2:10,24; 3:12-13,22; 5:18, 8:15; 9:7).

Then, allow the Lord to show you when you willed wrongly in the past (specific instances). Repent from those decisions and healing and restoration will follow.